Getting Started with the APIΒΆ

TrustID will set up an account for you on our Development server so that you can test the API. When this is complete, you will receive an email from TrustID with the following information:

  • Your user ID and password.

  • The URL of the Development server.

  • A link to a set of sample documents that you can use in your development.

We recommend that you test your system using a range of scenarios. Do not just test documents that you know will pass, but also consider:

  • Submitting false/erroneous documents.

  • Submitting a two-sided document (for example EU ID card or BRP).

  • Submitting different types of image.

  • The action to take when a document is rejected.


The development server does not have the same fast turnaround time as the live server (which has a one hour SLA), so you may have to wait longer with some documents, depending on what you submit.