Workflow OverviewΒΆ

In this workflow users within your organisation will use the TrustID web client and/or mobile app to upload documents and images. Your back end system creates each application, setting custom/flexible field data that:

  1. allows users to identify the correct application.

  2. allows your back end system to link the result, when it retrieves it, to a record in your system.

The queued applications are listed for a user like this:

In the above example there are three queued applications waiting for your user to supply the documents and images etc. for them. They do this by clicking on the arrow at the right-hand of each entry.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Your back end system uses the API to create a queued application.

  2. A user uses the TrustID app on the web or a mobile to upload documents/images for an application.

  3. TrustID processes the application and sends a webhook, the payload of which says the result is complete.

  4. Your back end system sends back a status code of 200, meaning it received the webhook successfully.

  5. Your back end system goes through authentication with the TrustID server.

  6. Your back end system receives the results and interprets these.

Workflow Diagram

This diagram shows the workflow: