publishDocumentContainer(containerId, rfidFailed, mergeContainers, autoReferral, callbackUrl)

Publishes a temporary document container. This causes the document container to be processed and made available to the user.

This method executes asynchronously and returns a promise.

  • containerId (guid()) – Unique identifier of the document container that will be published.

  • rfidFailed (bool()) – Optional: true, if there is an RFID chip present for the identity document but the chip could not be accessed or read. Default: false.

  • mergeContainers (bool()) – Optional: true if the target document container should be merged with any existing document container. Containers are merged on the basis of having the same document holder names and/or document numbers. Default: false.

  • autoReferral (bool()) – Optional: true if the target document container should be referred automatically if there is a reason to refer it, due to MRZ errors for example. Referred documents are processed by TrustID’s second-level processing systems and then referred back to the current user. This process may take much more time than processing a document locally and may involve manual review processes.

  • callbackUrl (string()) – Optional: The webhook callback URL to call when this application has been processed and the result is ready for download. Default: null.


For error responses, see Error Responses.

If successful, publishes a temporary document container.