uploadApplicantPhoto(containerId, filename, imageData)

Uploads a “selfie” image of the applicant to the application.

This method executes asynchronously and returns a promise.

  • containerId (guid()) – The unique identifier of the document container to assign the applicant photo to.

  • filename (string()) – Optional: The original name of the file that is uploaded. If no filename is known, use null.

  • imageData (ArrayBuffer()) – An array buffer containing the binary data of the image to be uploaded, typically in JPEG format.


For error responses, see Error Responses.

If successful, creates a new image object and assigns it to the specified document container.

The response will include the following properties:

  • Success – This property is always present and will be set to true to indicate the call was successful.

  • ImageId – The unique identifier of the new image object created.