uploadImageFromBase64(containerId, documentId, imageType, filename, base64String)

Creates a new image for a document and uploads binary image data, provided via a base64-encoded string, to the TrustID Cloud.

This method executes asynchronously and returns a promise.

  • containerId (guid()) – Unique identifier of the document container that contains the document.

  • documentId (guid()) – Unique document identifier of the document.

  • imageType (int()) – The type of image to upload. See Image Types for more information on image types.

  • filename (string()) – Optional: The original name of the uploaded file. If no filename is known, set it to null.

  • base64String (string()) – A string encoded in base64 containing the binary image data of the image to upload, typically in JPEG format.


For error responses, see Error Responses.

If successful, creates a new image for the document.