createEmptyDocumentContainer(documentSource, flexibleFields)

Creates a new temporary (and empty) document container on the TrustID Cloud. This has the given document source and application-level custom fields.


A temporary document container must be published using Api.publishDocumentContainer once the entire application has been uploaded and processing can commence.

  • documentSource (int()) – Optional: The source of the document provides information on how the application was obtained. See either Application-level Custom Fields or Container() for a list of available document sources.

  • flexibleFields (object()) – Optional: Contains application-level custom field information to set application-level custom fields. The method Container.createCustomFields() can be used to contract the required object data.

This method executes asynchronously and returns a promise.


If successful, the response object provides a unique identifier of the new document container that has been created though the ContainerId property.