Represents locking information for locking shared resources on the TrustID Cloud, such as document containers.


= AnonymousSessionId The unique session identifier of the user who locked the shared resource; However the session identifier has been made anonymous so that the true identity of the real session identifier is not revealed.

The anonymous session identifier can, however, be used to identify if a given user holds this lock if the session identifier (for example for the current user) is known.

The anonymous session identifier is defined as the SHA 256 hash of the original session identifier.


= Locked

true if the shared resource is currently locked and cannot be changed by any user other than the user who currently holds the lock.


= Timestamp

The time stamp when the lock (if any) was acquired.


= UserDisplay

The display name of the user (if any) who currently holds the lock.


= UserId

The unique identifier of the user (if any) who currently holds the lock.