Represents properties of webhook response.

Callback.ProcessName – This is the TrustID internal process name, that triggered the callback.

Callback.RetryCounter – This is how many times we tried to call your webhook, until it was successful

Callback.WorkflowName – This is the name of the workflow the callback is related to.

Callback.WorkflowState – This will tell you what the webhook is doing. The following options are available

  1. Start – The workflow has just started, i.e. the check has just been submitted.

  2. WaitingForReferralCompletion – The check has been sent for manual review.

  3. Stop – The workflow has completed, i.e. the result is ready for collection.

Response.Message – This should always state ‘Operation executed successfully.’. An error would be shown if something went wrong.

Response.Success – Whether or not the operation was successful. Values: True/False

Response.ContainerId – The unique ID of the check, stored in TrustID servers. You should use this to obtain the map the required data.

Response.ClientApplicationReference – You will only see this if you set a “ClientApplicationReference” when you created the container. It is essentially a free field for you to store whatever string you would like, most likely the ID of something in your system that this check relates to.