Represents a document container or application.

Containers are usually received through the archive or directly. The following example demonstrates how to receive applications.

POST {{server}}/VPE/dataAccess/retrieveDocumentContainer/
Content-Type: application/json

    "DeviceId": "device-id",
    "SessionId": "..."
    "ContainerId": "..."

The response message contains a list of Container instances:

    "Success": true,
    "Message": "Operation executed successfully.",
    "Containers": [

See also

Document for more information on working with documents. (A container represents one or more documents that are part of the application.)

Submitting a New Application for more information on creating new document containers.

Retrieving Applications for details of how to retrieve the metadata for particular document containers.

The following list describes all properties of a Container instance:


= AccessLock

When accessing a record simultaneously, this property provides detailed information about the internal access lock that is used to protect against simultaneous access to the same resource.

See also

AccessLock for more information about access lock details.


= ApplicationFlexibleFieldList

List of application-level custom fields.

See also

ApplicationFlexibleFieldList for more information on application-level custom fields.


= BranchId

The unique identifier of the branch this application belongs to (if any).


= BranchName

The name of the branch, this application belongs to (if any).


= CreatedAt

Timestamp when the application record has been created.


= DocumentSource

Describes the source the application or document was created from.

See also

DocumentSource for more information about the document source.


= DocumentStorageType

Represents the location or format in which a document container is stored as.

See also

DocumentStorageType for more information about the document storage type.


= Documents

Represents a list of Document instances that are associated with this application.


= Id

Unique identifier of this application.


= LivenessTestResult

The outcome of the Passive Liveness test. If a Liveness test was not carried out on the application, this property will not be included.

See also

LivenessResultType for more information about the different result outcomes.


To enable Passive Liveness for your account, contact TrustID.


= LivenessTestScore

The score for the Liveness algorithm. The higher the score, the greater the confidence in the result.


= OverallStatus

The overall result of the application. This will always be returned as either OverallStatus.NoAlert or OverallStatus.Alert and can be marked as OverallStatus.Resolved by a user.

See also

OverallStatus for more information about the different status outcomes.


= ReferralHistory

List of ReferralHistoryRecord entries describing details about the fact that the application has been referred. Applications can be referred multiple times.

See also

ReferralHistoryRecord for more information about referral entry details.


= ReferralType

The type or purpose of application referral.


= Referred

true if the application has been referred (at least once).


= ReferredAt

The time stamp when this application was referred to another user.


= ReferredFrom

The unique reference to the user to whom this application has been forwarded to.


= ReviewApplicationInstigatingUser

Unique identifier for the user that created the review-application record.


= ReviewApplicationState

Details about the current state of a reviewal process that is currently in place for this application.

See also

ReviewApplicationState for more information about the view application state.


= ScannedByUser

Identifier of the user who scanned/created this application.


= Synchronised

true if this application has been synchronised with another instance of the TrustID Cloud.


= TtaImport

For imported records, this provides detailed information about the fact that this application has been imported into the system via an external exchange format.


= UpdatedAt

Timestamp of the last modification that occurred for this application or the timestamp when the record has been created for the first time if no further modifications have been recorded yet.


= UserId

Unique identifier of the user who created the application.


= VpeDeviceId

The unique identifier of the TrustID Cloud which processes this application originally.


= VpeName

The name of the TrustID Cloud which processed this application originally.


= VpeType

The type of TVS service which processed this application originally.

See also

Configuration.SERVICE_SYSTEM_TYPE for more information about the TrustID Cloud operation type.


= WorkflowType

The type of workflow that has been executed for this application.

See also

WorkflowType for more information about the workflow type.