Perform an advanced search query against the document archive of the TrustID Cloud.


POST {{server}}/VPE/dataAccess/advancedQuery/
Content-Type: application/json

    "DeviceId": "device-id",
    "SessionId": "...",

    "Arguments": {
        "QuickQuery": "Banderas"

    "RangeFrom": "/Date(...)/",
    "RangeUntil": "/Date(...)/",
    "Page": 1,
    "PageSize": 10,

    "DocumentSortingColumn": "ScanDate",
    "SortingDirection": "Descending"

= Arguments

A set of advanced search query filters.

See also

AdvancedQueryArguments for more information about advanced search query arguments.


= RangeFrom

Date range from (scanned date).


= RangeUntil

Date range until (scanned date).


= Page

Index of the page to receive (0-indexed).


= PageSize

The maximum number of items to receive for the given page. If the page size is defined as 0, the default page size is used. Any value lower than 0 means that the page size is infinite and the entire result set is returned.


= DocumentSortingColumn

The document column by which the result is sorted. The document column is encoded as a string rather than an integer/enum.

See also

DocumentSortingColumn for more information about the sorting column.


= SortingDirection

The sorting direction in which results are sorted in combination with the document sorting column. The sorting direction is encoded as a string, rather than an integer/enum.

See also

SortingDirection for more information about the sorting direction.


    "Success": true,
    "Message": "Operation executed successfully.",

    "Documents": [

    "Page": 1,
    "PageSize": 10,
    "PaginationSupported": true,
    "TotalPages": 2,
    "TotalRecords": 44,
    "TotalRecordsMatched": 18

= Documents

List of matched documents covering the content of the current page.


= TotalRecords

The number of total records in the system.


= TotalRecordsMatched

Number of total records that matched the query.


= TotalPages

Number of total pages for the result set according to the page size.


= PageSize

Number of records per page.


= Page

The index position of the current page (0-indexed).


= PaginationSupported

true if the result has been paginated according to the given page and page size successfully. If pagination support is not available due to the internal constraints of the database system used, false is returned. false might also be returned if pagination is not relevant, based on the way this API endpoint was used. If pagination is not relevant or is not supported, then the result may only cover the first page, even if that is not the page that has been asked for.