Receiving a list of all application-level flexible field attributes that are configured for the current user.


POST {{server}}/VPE/dataAccess/applicationFlexibleFieldAttributes/
Content-Type: application/json

    "DeviceId": "device-id",
    "SessionId": "...",
    "Flags": 256,

= Flags

There might be different flexible fields expected to be answered depending on how the application is initiated (i.e. direct upload, queued, or via guest link). Flags attribute can be used to get the right flexible fields defined.

See also

ApplicationFlexibleField for more information about flags attribute that can be used whilst getting flexible fields.


    "Success": true,
    "Message": "Operation executed successfully.",

    "ApplicationFlexibleFieldAttributes": [
            "BranchId": null,
            "CreationDate": "/Date(...)/",
            "DataRange": "450",
            "DataType": 1,
            "DefaultValue": null,
            "DisplayName": "Department",
            "FieldOrderIndex": 1,
            "FlexibleFieldId": "...",
            "HelpText": "Name of Department",
            "Id": "...",
            "IsActive": true,
            "IsEnabled": true,
            "IsValidationField": false,
            "Mandatory": true,
            "Name": "Department"

= ApplicationFlexibleFieldAttributes

List of application-level custom field attributes.

See also

ApplicationFlexibleFieldAttribute for more information about application-level custom field attributes.