Publishes a document container. After a document container has been published, it is then available to be reviewed. A document container needs to be published in order to finish the construction phase of documents and their containers.


POST {{server}}/VPE/dataAccess/publishDocumentContainer/
Content-Type: application/json

    "DeviceId": "device-id",
    "SessionId": "...",

    "ContainerId": "...",

    "CallbackUrl": "https://www.my-company.co.uk/web-hooks/container-event-callback/",

    "ReplaceContainerId": null,
    "ReplaceDocumentId": null,

    "RFIDFailed": false,
    "EstablishedDocumentData": { ... },

    "MergeContainers": false,
    "MergeTargetContainerId": null,

    "WebClientRequest": true,
    "WebClientIgnoreOCR": false,
    "AutoReferral": true,
    "LockAccess": false

= ContainerId

Unique identifier of the document container that is being published.


= CallbackUrl

Optional: The webhook callback URL to call when this application has been processed and the result is ready for download.


= ReplaceContainerId

Optional: Replace a specific document from the given document container with documents from this application.


= ReplaceDocumentId

Optional: Replace the document with the given identifier with documents from this application.


= RFIDFailed

Indicate that the RFID chip was not read successfully. This property should not be set to true if there is no RFID chip on the document, to begin with.


= EstablishedDocumentData

When replacing an existing document, apply the given data to the replaced document. This data may have already been established by an operator reviewing a document.

See also

EstablishedDocumentData for more information about established document data.


= MergeContainers

Allows the documents of the published document container to be merged with an existing application that the current user has access to, based on similarities of the name and/or document number.


= MergeTargetContainerId

Allows the documents of the published document container to be merged with the document container specified by this property.


= WebClientRequest

Indicates that this application was constructed through the Web API rather than a desktop client with a scanner attached to it. Therefore the processing of the document is handled differently. If the document data was simply uploaded without using a specialised document scanner device, set this property to true.


= WebClientIgnoreOCR

If true any uploaded image will be ignored and optical character recognition is ignored as long as there is a machine-readable zone available.


= AutoReferral

Indicates that this application should be automatically referred to human reviewers in the case that the application contains errors, like MRZ parsing errors for example. Automatic referral is only available if an automatic referral is enabled through the service configuration and the request is scheduled as a callback operation. The callback operation will be dispatched, once a manual reviewer has been invoked with the application, if applicable.


= LockAccess

true if access to the published document container is automatically locked by the current user so that no other user session can change the application and any of its documents while the container is being locked.


    "Success": true,
    "Message": "Operation executed successfully.",

    "MergeContainers": false,
    "Merged": false,
    "DocumentReplaced": false,
    "AutoReferred": false

= MergeContainers

true if the published document container was meant to be merged with an existing document container.


= Merged

true if the published document container was merged with an existing document container.


= DocumentReplaced

true if the published document was replacing an existing document.


= AutoReferred

true if the application has been referred automatically.